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Afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
I've taken a temporary return from my forums sabbatical (due to school) to speak of an issue bugging me recently. I realize the NLife staff is trying quite hard at times, but there are other times when articles are just taken nearly entirely from other sites, especially Kotaku. At the same time, some interesting news stories go ignored because we aren't 'looking hard enough'. I reached my breaking point recently, when 3 articles on the DSi LL were taken nearly entirely from kotaku, and LostWinds WotM got its own article declaring its #1 status.

Instead, I propose a forum topic (lets say, this one) where we can post interesting news we've found, with source links. That is, if such an article does not exist. I'll start:

  • WiiWare game Pokemon Rumble dated for North America - November 16th
  • Arceus Event (giveaway) in Australian EB games stores to commemorate launch of the 12th Pokemon Movie outside of Japan
  • New Wii Pokemon game coming Japan (minigame collection)
  • Changes between Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: CGoH and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars spelled out. Link came via Capcom's own Capcom Unity Blog
  • Samurai Warriors 3 developer video released

As you can see, its not too hard to find some of this interesting news. Developer blogs and independent wikis are always good information. Did you know that at LEAST 3 other NMH1 assassins besides Travis show up in the sequel? The Suda 51 Wiki taught me that.

Any news you lot would like to share?

A topic may be locked, but it's quite possible to edit a previously made post. Also, the point of this article wasn't to complain about the journalism of this site, it was to make an additional source of news available.
I'm not talking about press releases; I realize how those work. I'm also not saying you don't source your material. Clearly I don't believe that, otherwise I wouldn't be commenting on where the articles are coming from. I could be quite wrong, but it seems to be a running trend among the articles that interest me.
I am proposing an additional news outlet. I really don't expect all of you to be hunting 24/7 for breaking news, so I'd like to post a bit as I find news that seems intersting. I was hoping that point would be fairly evident, but clearly it was not as the thread has been locked.

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Most sites get the same news feed from GamePress so many articles are nearly identical because they're from the exact same press releases. Let's get our shit straight here, shall we?

And when we get news from another site, we always give credit and link back to the source. Standard practice.

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