Topic: Wii U gamepad- How to improve connectivity for around the house?

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If you already know how to answer the problem in the title, you could probably just skip this post and just answer, honestly. This explanation below is just for more specific details.
I really love my Wii U. From the games to Miiverse, I just absolutely love it. I especially love how you can do almost anything entirely on the gamepad. You could play certain games without a TV, watch Netflix in a separate room, and more. I sometimes like to watch TV while I play Nintendo Land, for example.
But whenever I try to take the Wii U controller into the other room, problems arise. Of course, this is to be expected of it, as it requires a wireless connection to the main console to function. I have a decently big house, with 2 floors. The Wii U gamepad is able to connect to the console pretty easily on the first floor, but once I take a few steps to go upstairs, it begins to have connection problems. It will warn you that it is having issues connecting to the console, and seconds after the warnings, it disconnects completely. When I first got the console, it would usually reconnect soon afterwards, but after the recent system update, it's as if the gamepads wireless connectivity has been reduced. Sometimes it would connect upstairs, other times it was as if something was blocking it. Even when it did work, it would disconnect if you so much as budged the controller or pressed a button, interrupting you from whatever you were doing.
I would really like to be able to take my gamepad into my room. It would be nice to play my Nintendo games or watch Netflix in bed, but the second I go through my bedroom door, it disconnects immediately- that, or it will disconnect and reconnect repeatedly. I know that the Wii U actually does not require a TV. You could plug the console into a socket and just not use an output, and the controller will work independently. But it would be a huge hassle to have to take the console from room to room just so you can use the things that require the TV AND the controller. And since my room is very small and also where I do my work, hooking up a TV in there and getting the best of both worlds would be a huge NO NO. I would like to concentrate, thank you.

So.... I was wondering. Has anyone possibly found a way to "work-around" these connection problems? A method to improve connectivity between controller and console, an option feature somewhere that I could have missed, or maybe some way you could trick the controller into thinking it's connected? I really want to be able to play all the Nintendo console games I know and love in the comfort of my bedroom.

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