Topic: What happened to my 3DS Wireless??

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For some reason, my wireless doesn't work on my 3DS anymore! (Wi-Fi is fine though)
In the past, I have put my Pokemon white in the 3DS and it works fine. Later, I got Pokemon Black 2. C Gear on, wireless was fine. Even later, I got Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS. Here's where the problem began,

Every now and then whenever I got my cousin's house, we would both connect our Fire Emblem Awakening together to share our teams. He had a 3DS XL. The problem was that I got his team, but he never got my team, and it had always remained like that. Then the problem spreaded to my Pokemon Black 2,

I played the game with C Gear on and one second later, connection error. I was forced to restart the game, I could play the game without C Gear but without the wireless, I couldn't trade with Pokemon White on my Exclusive Legend of Zelda DS Lite. Can somebody please help me? (I got a Level 100 Samurott I need to receive)

P.S. The wireless on my 3DS on the right side is green



But which section should I look into?



You can always email Nintendo support and see what they have to say that way.

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Click on the United States, then look for the "Contact Us" and send them an e-mail

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