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Topic: Problems With My Nintendo Wii

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I have a Nintendo Wii, I got it a few years ago so it's not one of the newest versions or anything. We recently got a Samsung SmartTV. When I hook my Wii up to the TV and turn it onto the wii, the screen is black and white, there is no color, and it's fuzzy and the screen keeps flickering. The whole console and everything on the menu still work. I can still use the Wii, the screen is just funky. Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there any way to fix it? And is there any way to tell whether it's my TV or the Wii that's having problems? Is the Wii compatible with the Samsung Smart TV?




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It's probably the cable components set up incorrectly mainly the video component. Make sure they're connected to the correct color.

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It could be due to your HDMI cables. This can be fixed by switching to AV (or whatever the heck the red, yellow and white ones are, I'm a bit tired), and changing the display settings on your Wii to match the HDMI. It may take some fiddling, but you should get it eventually, if you had the same problem as I. Hope I helped. :)

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