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MrSRArter wrote:

Chrono_Cross wrote:

Ignore them or find better friends.

Maybe this, but it depends on your specific relationships.

If you are just gaming pals with them rather than general friends, you might want to secretly find another one.

If they are general friends, be a little proactive about it. Try your best to ignore the hate. If you can ignore them but your friends get more obnoxious toward the Nintendo hate, well...they don't sound too much like good friends since they could simply be picking on you :/

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It sounds like your "friends" are saying that stuff on purpose because they know they will get a reaction out of you and get some weird satisfaction from it. I'm sorry, but I would not be friends with people like that. If I were you, I would leave them and find some better friends.

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Just make a joke out of it. Your friends shouldnt mind if you like Nintendo or not. Also try playing some of the games your friends enjoy. Maybe you will find games in their libraries that you would have skipped either because you didnt care about the game or you just dont have a PS3, Xbox, etc.

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Play a 3DS in front of them and ask them if they are enjoying their games on the Vita...if there are any :3

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I second what heaps of other people are saying; just don't react.

I know it's hard. I've been in very similar situations to you. Soldier on!

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There are some decent ideas here, but It doesn't seem so much like a Nintendo-specific problem as an anger management issue. You can find classes for that, and there's also professional therapy and/or counseling that can help you find productive ways to manage your anger. Try talking to your parent(s) or legal guardian(s), or if you're not comfortable bringing this issue to them directly, try a teacher, a trusted adult friend of the family — any adult who can help you find the resources you need. Good luck to you!

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