Topic: Can heat damage a disc?

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Since I collect old games I want to keep them in good shape, so I had a question. If you have a system that sometimes overheats can the heat from the system damage the discs? I know that a lot of heat can warp it but I don't know how much heat it would take for that to happen.



Are we talking carts or CDs? I'm pretty certain a system that overheats is unlikely to damage the disk - the system shuts off before it reaches a temperature that could seriously damage anything, but if the disk feels to be getting very warm then I'd consider stopping using it. I'm no expert, though.

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I saw the title and was like "of course."
But upon reading the post, I don't think your systems will ever get hot enough to damage the disc.
Or at least, I don't think the CD Drive will get hot enough to damage the disc.



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