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The Last I have heard about it was on January 9th.
I recieved an E-Mail that the SoundTrack was now available to DownLoad for those of us that Pre-Ordered it.
Before that, I recieved an E-Mail saying that it would be Shipped starting the First or Second week of January.
We are now at the very end of January and there has been no more Updates from them.

Anyone else regretting this now?

I made this Thread in the Wii section as well, only because I wasn't sure exactly where it should go.



On their Facebook page, they have started shipping as of Jan. 22nd. People have posted pics of getting their Soundtrack on there. I wouldn't regret it because they are new to this and have ran into some unexpected problems. So if you think their is a problem with your order, you should email them. I am having to wait for the digital release.


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