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Topic: Your end of the year/New Year's traditions.

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Watch the ball drop in and drink a glass of Champagne.
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eat dips,pop fire crackers...

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Usually we start with food, typically raclette grilled meat and veggies. Then we watch the 'oudejaarsconference', a comedy tradition on TV here in The Netherlands. It's basically a satirical recap of the year by one or more comedians. My friends have some 'oliebollen', a popular Dutch snack made of fried dough I personally really dislike, It's an assault on your digestive system. Then, at twelve, we go outside to watch the fireworks and perhaps light a few ourselves, while drinking champagne and toasting to the new year. Sometimes we go to a bar after that. Either way, we get completely wasted by drinking huge amounts of alcohol.

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Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year!!! So what is everyone doing? Today we went out to dinner to Sizzler and last night we did our usually KFC dinner. And drank a few drinks waiting for the ball to drop.

I do have to say that it was odd not seeing Dick Clark for the New Years Eve countdown. :(

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Watch the ball drop and get back to what i was doing :P
(usally,its playing PM:TTYD)

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Most years (including this one... err, the last one now, I guess) I order pizza on New Year's Eve, play a handheld game/read a book I got for Christmas and watch SyFy's Twilight Zone marathon.

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RevolverLink wrote:

watch SyFy's Twilight Zone marathon.

I lead a very exciting life.

My New Year every year. I love The Twilight Zone!

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Well I guess my tradition is that during a PAAAAAARRTY, my folks eat twelve grapes, one on each chime of the clock. But then my other folks eat 12 grapes on each second of the countdown for the ball (I live in NYC so the second thing usually happens).

EDIT: I heard that if you can pull the second one off (which no one does) with out stopping, then you have good luck for a whole year.

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wait, its not 1989 anymore?
this is total crap

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Since I am home on winter break, all my buddies are home as well so I just... sit around and watch How I Met Your Mother on netflix...

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At around 0:10 am New Year Day,shout out "I've just got laid"

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