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Pikminsi wrote:

Oh, right. That was my most recent.

And you love every second of it, don't you?

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@Intrepid I love that game, even if I never beat it. When I was younger, I had the strategy guide but I didn't take care of it and so I lost the final boss page -_-

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The Muppets on DVD.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984) on VHS!

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@WaveBoy: You mean you didn't aready have Nightmare on Elm Street on VHS?

Morphtroid wrote:

I hope to get my free copy of "50 Classic Games" (3DS) by the end of the week. It's Maximum Games way of saying "We are sorry you bought Myst 3DS".

Gotta love these guys.

Annnndddd.... It's here Now I can pretend I bought this one and not myst.

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Etrian Odyssey IV just arrived at home. Unfortunately, I won't be back until Friday, so...

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