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Player 1: Why are these called Pirelli calenders after all?
Player 2: 'Cause they've all got lips like car tires, that's why.

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In reference to Konami's newly announced focus on Mobile games:

unrandomsam wrote:

Solid Snake Tapped Out sounds like a good game.

That quote was so good it brought back the dead.

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LordJumpMad wrote:

Best candy wrapper?
M&M is the only right answer for both questions

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"are you trying to overload the suicide hotlines, by any chance?"
@AJ_Lethal's response to this post of mine.

Jaz007 wrote:

Honestly, this looks dated and ugly from what I saw at the Nintendo digital event. I don't think it should be on the 3DS, and it should be on the Wii U. Right now it looks to be wasted potential. This was the Wii U game needed, but Nintendo just decided to make me doubt my decision to buy a Wii U instead.

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