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Haha..., Yeah I know what you mean. In a type of game where fractions of seconds count I want to clearly be able to see my next obstacle.

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I haven't really played that mainly Shoot 'em Ups. Honestly just not a fan of that genre but they are fun in quick bursts. Some of them that I have played are

Life Force
Tiger Heli


UN Squadron

My favorite if you count it as a Shoot 'em Up would be Jackal on the NES. I count it as a shoot 'em up cause if you look at it it pretty much is the only thing is you are in a jeep rather than a plane.

If you dont count that then I guess UN Squadron would be my favorite.

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Anyone here play Soldier Blade? Last night I played it for about an hour, going through the first 3 stages over and over again. I was seeing ships and bullets flying everywhere long after I was done playing. XD I think I might've had a dream about flying a ship taking down bad guys, too. This game is too fun and too addicting. A very balanced shooter, too. Not too hard, but still plenty challenging. I think I might like Final Soldier more, though.

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