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Ah, a moving, biting Deino! Very nice! 9/10

I foresee what you'll do there.
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Cool Reieseram or how ever you spell it haha 8/10

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I like that magazine. 7.5/10

No other thing could ever match the cuteness of Chao.
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8.9/10 = Great and Memorable while almost being excellent

Don't know what it is but I like the way that character is captured while in motion it seems. Plus the art is well done which always helps.

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9/10 Good picture of Samus

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4/10 for hockey in the first place, and non-Boston team in any sport

Ideal_Hero wrote:

The text is illegible.

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10/10 I really like Minnesota, even though the winter is frosty cold.

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6/10 Don't really like ponies, but the style of it is kind of cute.

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I dunno who that is. >.> 5/10

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