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I've seen way too little of this to form any opinion, but so far it... Just hasn't left any impact on me. I have the feeling that I'll completely forget about this in a little while, unless it becomes famously loved or hated.

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Hey, it's the drummer for the Beatles.

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SheldonRandoms wrote:

Hey, it's the drummer for the Beatles.


This just got amazing! did they know I was a big fan of The Beatles (and Ringo Starr) and the PPGs?

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It's not a bad art style but it shouldn't be used for freaking PowerPuff Girls.

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Surprisingly, I don't think the art style is bad at any means, maybe I just like that stylized cardboard look ala Tearaway. I'll have to give this one a watch before I can give out a proper opinion. Can't be as bad as the Musical or that god awful PPG Rules special... maybe... possibly.

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Today! Getting excited!



Anime was better.

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What do you guy think? Unique art style or worse than the problem solverz?



@CrimsonFire But the ending was just soooooooooooooo "blah, blah, blah, put that over there, we barely have any ideas left".

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It'll be months before this airs in my country. ;n;
A shame. I loved the show as a kid.

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Loved it loooved it! Waited so long for them to return to PPG and it did not dissapoint. The art and style looked so good!! So funny too.

"Oh no, my sisters are tiny...and dead!" Lol



so hold up, this was just a one-off? Not a new series? cuz I need like 20 more of these at least



SheldonRandoms wrote:

Their hands/arms are on their head.

Yes, their arms are on their heads.... just like the originals!

I've not seen this yet, but I'm a huge fan of the Powerpuff Girls & am collecting the IDW comic. I would have preferred an updated version of their original look... but you know what? I'm just glad they're back at all, even if it is a one-off!!

EDIT: OMG!!! I just watched it & it's amazing!!!!!! The writing is just as awesome as I remember it... "my sisters are tiny... and dead!" - my new favourite quote!

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