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HELLO THERE! MY name is Mr. GabeGreens.
As some of you may know, Im making a game. And I need to get a piece of music that matches this look:
So does anyone know of a good free virusless music creation software I may use? I need to make em out of scratch too.
Or maybe one of you talented composers might want to include their theme into a developing game?
So out of the kindness of YOUR hearts will you help me, please?



oh how i would love to put one of my guitar masterpieces up there but i have no idea how

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You have a microphone on your PC?



You can go to my myspace to check out my music. Fugal Fanfare is probably the closest example I can give to what you're looking for. I use Finale 2009 to compose, which is $600...but you can download Finale Notepad for $10, and it's very good for simple music

EDIT: I would love to help you with some music for that game; I've been looking for some inspiration to write something new for a while now. Fugal Fanfare doesn't exactly fit very well, but that's the kind of style it might end up being anyway. Even if you don't want to use it, it will give me ideas to write. Do you have any footage or anything more I can see, or perhaps a description of the gameplay?

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No... I wish, I would already be using something like that to death!



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