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shinesprite wrote:

A for almost everything Nintendo . . . except for VC NES in which case it's 2
PC: I connect my Wiimote, so I'll let you take a wild guess.

How do you connect a wiimote to your pc and does it work with a classic controller attached?

Bluetooth and specific drivers/programs. Can even connect a wireless sensor bar and use the pointer function.

OT: Right Ctrl for PC (arrow keys ftw), for handhelds/consoles, whatever it's defined as

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Usually the equivalent of the B button on the SNES controller, when in the diamond 4 button setup. A for GameCube, as it makes the most sense. Also Z, X, C or Space for jump on pc (though I'll usually use my not Dual shock USB joystick with the aforementioned setup).

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SNES/DS/3DS/CCP/WiiUGamepad: B


Dualshock: X (Unless there is a function more essential to gameplay than jumping. Triangle actually made since for Shadow of the Colossus, since R1 had to be held down frequently.)

Keyboard: Highly dependent on the game I'm playing:

First Person: Space Bar
Platformers: No Key in particular, but I map it to my pointer finger.
Action Platformers: When there are multiple attack buttons, I tend to map jump to where my middle finger will hit it.
Flash Games: I tend to use the Up Arrow Key.

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