Topic: Do you have any Disabilities?

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No offense but you'd be in your 20's then like me? I just like guessing lol no offense sorry.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

I'm pretty sure he's younger than 18 years.

Then again, I'm no psychic.

I don't know the way thedreaminghawk was talking I'd guess early 20's maybe but that's just me.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

Yup, I am under 18. But that's all I'll say.

As for why they ask me help... I dunno. They just come out of nowhere and ask, and I tend to remain slient like red from pokemon Gold and Sliver. LOL

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I can say that there is pretty much nothing wrong with me at all.

Geeez, though, all you guys are SO brave! I thought that things can sometimes be hard for me, but you guys make me look like an idiot, when I complain about just nothing compared to what you guys gonthrough. Soldier on!

The only thing I can say is that I can get bad hayfever, but that's nothing. Because its spring over where I live it's been getting annoying recently, and for some reason I've developed a new allergy this year that makes me constantly produce saliva, so I always have to spit, and its really embarrassing at school! But that's just a minor thing, and pretty much not worth mentioning at all...

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Does awful eyesight count?

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i'm in a wheelchair, one of my legs is missing, i am wearing glasses, and i need Vicodins. i only eat pizza rolls and i have to wear diapers again. i've come to that point in age.

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well im hard of hearing or deaf or something kind of hard to describe

i have a cochlear implant on my left side so its all digital so i guess im half machine cue terminator music and one hearaid on my right side supporting whatever natural hearing i have left i also have slow learning disability im not sure how but might be caused by being deaf or something its really confusing anyways

but having disabilities suck it just brings hell on your life sometimes * it does to me in the past but its different now* at one point it made me hate my deaf kind and i didnt want to be a part of the group that gets made fun of and stuff as a kid plus my old dream that i ever only wanted was to be normal

well i dont give a crap anymore lol



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