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So since this is the only forums I am currently a part of, I'm going to ask this, maybe this thread can be used for further card collecting tips as well after this question... (in other words feel free to use this for any sport cards, Pokemon, or whatever afterwards).

So basically, I'm collecting Baseball cards.

One book I had specially for team sets for my favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds, and also for 'other' Reds cards, such as when I get a hold of single cards from the 70's or something.

My issue : I have Topps team sets for the Reds for 1993, 1998, 2007, and 2012. I plan on getting as many of these years as possible and will need to fill them in my binder when I get them as well.
How could I go about doing this, and still keeping them in order by year?

Only things I could think of was some of the following :

-Use new sheets everytime I get a new set, but that would possibly leave several blank spots at the end of each year.
-Move almost every single card foward some slots, every time I get a new set or card.

Any tips on how to orgainze these?

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