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HI everyone, i am creating this topic to discuss my theory that a billy hatcher 2 is in the works. the way i got this idea is by playing sonic and sega all stars racing transformed. Billy hatcher seems to have gotten more popular from the game even though not many have played it. My other reasoning for this is because of his stage in the game. It is completely different then the first one. It is a entirely new place that you never went to in the game. Also billy's friends are there as well as the enemies from the game. This leads me to believe that there will be a sequel with a place based off his stage. I would love to see one, how about everyone else? Also does anyone else believe this to be true?

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Under this logic there should be new Ice Climbers, F-Zero, Game & Watch, and ROB games.
...So I don't believe it.

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Sega makes none of those games though. Also as stated it is just my thought on it It would be awesome to see one though.

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As much as I'd like that to be true, simply featuring a character in a mash-up game doesn't necessarily mean a new game of each series featured is in the works.
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I put the characters in it just because they didn't have much of an importance even though you could play as them. My main theory was the advanced way the stage was set up and how amazing it was.

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i never herd of alex kidd to that game. Billy hatcher i had known because i had it, but i don't remember what made me buy it. It was worth it though. I still have yet to unlock him though in the game.

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Billy Hatcher was ok.

The end.

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It ture because I played those games too. It hepperning



Yeah, Billy Hatcher was just an okay game. If Sega Kart was any indication, we'd get a new Bonzana Bros.

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