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Well, I've decided to put all of my rare old Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon cards in card protectors and catalog them to see how much they're all worth. So in my Yu-Gi-Oh! catalog (with just 33 card) I've racked up $175.40. I was just wondering if there were any other collector's out there......

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I used to collect Pokemon cards when I was a teen. I stopped collecting after the 2nd set of them, "Jungle" packs or something like that. I don't have any of the ones that were worth much though.



I still have a stack of holographic Pokemon cards. I buy maybe one pack a year for old times sake but I don't really collect anymore.

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Yea, Im going to go thru my Pokemon cards soon. I've got some pretty rare ones i'm sure.

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I remember I went to the first pokemon movie just to get the Mew two card

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The movie was a total let down, I did the same, Larkin



I still have a rare Garyados card, no creases, marks. never been taken out of its plastic casing.


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i have a bazillion Pokemon cards from when I used to collect them and play the game with my friends. I've also got some other random cards (Dragonball, Gundam W, etc.) but my absolute favorite cards to have collected ever were the Everway 'vision' cards. The art for them was/is absolutely fabulous, and there are random, thought-provoking questions on the backs of all of them (usually about the characters in the images, or what's going on in general) that are fun to ponder.

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I don't like card games so i couldn't be bothered with them even during the fads like Pokémon, even though I still play the video games a lot.

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I used to collect pokemon cards! I even got all 150! (What?...There's MORE?!?) Even though some of them are e-reader cards...
Also, I used to collect yugioh cards! (USED to )

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I attempted to collect pokemon cards back in the day. And used to collect a Star Trek TNG set with my bro', that was a game that used the whole living room floor, sweet! Mother was not amused, though it beat indoor football.



I used to collect Pokemon cards, and I have some Duel Masters cards a friend gave me for my birthday hidden in a Cool Whip cartain somewhere. I have a holographic Kangaskhan card (might have a Chansey one too, but I'm not quite sure) and some special holographic japanese ones I got from S.H.O.C.C. Comics (god, I miss that place...).


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