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Okay, I am an adult gamer (36 years old to be exact), and I understand that to keep a website running you need to generate some source of revenue to keep the thing going, but do you really think having ads for ripoff flash games of "Mario" and other Nintendo IP is the smartest way to do it? I mean, did you even think about how your site is called NINTENDO LIFE, and on top of the fact that this same site seems to look down on piracy when it comes to infringing on the copyright holders IP? I for one think it is very tacky and wrong when there are sometimes two or three ads for these blatant disrespectful sites on a site I come to for my Nintendo news. Please take the time to carefully examine your ad generating policies and do what should be the right thing...get rid of the ads for ripoff Nintendo themed games.

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I keep getting ones for Senran Kagura.............CAUSE I SENT THAT MARIO FLASH AS BACK TO WORLD 1-1!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, Nintendo Life doesn't have full control over the ads, but Ant (the site manager) can make changes if necessary. I suggest dropping a message in the Contact Form so that he can take care of the issue faster.

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@derickw69 @WaLzgi correct, we don't chose ads one by one, there isn't enough time in the world so some naughty ones do slip through the net when they lie, if you can send me a screenshot we can get them banned, let me know!

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