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Seems since this year Nintendo Life is publishing way less reviews. Is this a change of direction for the site?

You also used to have those posts with mini reviews with Thumbs Up/Thumps Down but haven’t seen them in a while

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@Starvald It could just be that less noteworthy games are coming out around now.

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I’m not sure if they’re actually doing fewer reviews, or if it just seems that way when you look at it relative to how many new games come out each week. Either way, reviews were the main reason I started coming here. Not only did NL do more reviews than other sites, they reviewed everything! It was such an awesome resource to have a complete review database at your fingertips!

Now, being a realist, it would be pretty friggin’ hard to review every single game that comes out for Switch. If it was even possible at all, I’m sure it would require a great deal of shuffling of personnel/resources for the staff of the site. That being said, while I can understand not reviewing everything anymore, I’d still like to see more than we currently are. There are a lot of quality titles slipping through the cracks each week.



Hey @Starvald,

In terms of pure figures, we're doing slightly less so far this year compared to 2018, yeah. However, 2018 was a little crazy in terms of the volume of games and was by far the most we've ever reviewed in a single year.

We are trying to be slightly more selective in 2019. The sheer amount of games coming out on Switch is bananas and there is no way we could actually review everything. As @klingki mentioned, we were proud that during the 3DS and Wii U era we were able to pretty much review every game, but that simply isn't possible with Switch, which I guess is a good and bad thing!

That said, we still want our site to be a destination for users to find out opinions on any game on Switch, therefore we are actively looking into whether we could revamp our game pages and adopt a user review system that would help bridge that gap between our editorial content and the community. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts/ideas on something like that.


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Thanks for the detailed response, it indeed makes sense. @antdickens



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