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Yeah, I went to report a spam comment and it said:

"Sorry, there was a reporting this comment"

Did someone forget to fix a typo in the error message? Because that's some hilarious Engrish there...

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@CM30: While I can't speak for the grammar in that error message, I do remember that spammer — I caught them about a minute after they began posting that crap iirc. I'd guess that the problem reporting that comment was the fact that it no longer existed, lol. Next time you see it happen, try refreshing the page to see if one of us already took care of it. If the comment is still there, try reporting it again, maybe the system hiccupped, and if it still doesn't go through, then let us know via the Contact Form so that we can take care of the problem ASAP. :3

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It's also the default response for all reports made on LordJumpMad's posts :3

Also he wrote the error message

edit: herpaderp I always forget that posts halfway down the first page in the 'meta' boards are generally already ancient

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