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I couldn't find a previous thread for this in the past 10 pages so i'm gonna start this after i saw on in 3DS VC. ok dsiware games ive beaten are:
-Paper Airplane Chase (If you consider getting really far on endless and under 10 seconds in time beating it haha)
-Advanced Circuits (really easy)
-Art Style: Boxlife (I put lots of time into that title but i havent gotten to the $1,000,000 in factory but beat everything else)
-Castle of Magic (really fun and really easy platformer)
-Dark Void Zero (Hard game at first and still trying to get all the items in every level)
-Divergent Shift (Fun multi screen Platformer)
-Flipper 2: Flush the goldfish (not as fun as i expected it to be kinda repetitive)
-Guitar Rock Tour
-Legends of Exidia (Short and shallow RPG)
-Mario Vs. Donkey Kong
-Mighty Flip Champs (still need S rank on every level
-Robot Rescue (fun game and now trying to beat the 2nd one)
-Shantae: Risky's Revenge (this was a great game and really want the next game to come soon)
-Soul of Darkness (Castlevania rip off but still good)
-X-Scape (One of the best shooter games ive played)

that is my list of beaten Dsiware games but its only half of them and im trying to beat the rest. ones on my list are Robot Rescue 2, Abyss, Anonymous notes 1 and 2, Art Style Pictobits, and Tower of Deus

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Still need to beat Anonymous notes myself.
Note: I only have 7 DSIware games. One of tgem is Petit Computer.
-Spotto! (Both story modes completed, didn't beat challenge mode)
-Aura-Aura Climber (Mostly A-ranks, a couple B-Ranks, and a C-rank on marathon. All but 2 medals)
-Zelda Four Swords Anniversary Edition (Hero's trial and most other things completed solo.)

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I've beaten:
Four Swords anniversary
Cave Story

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I've beaten only a few things. This is mainly because I either am swamped with schoolwork all the Time or that I don't really buy the easy to beat games. I have beaten

Zelda four swords anniversary edition
(Btw I am the biggest zelda fan out there)

I haven't beaten any other dis games but the 3DS games if beaten are

Super Mario 3D land
Legend of zelda ocarina of time 3D
Not alot of games :/

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Not much

X-Scape (Twice. It was that awesome)
Ace Mathician (also twice. Speedrun)
Escapee GO! (All 3 difficulties. Awesome game)
Mighty Switch Force (still haven't got all S-Ranks)
Cave Story
Flametail (Even in book mode, this still longs for a 3DS title.)
Surviving High School (never was a fan of visual novels, but this version sucks compared to iOS/Android)
Both Flipper games
Mario vs. DJ
Paper Plane (time trials)
AiRace: Tunnel
Others I forgot

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Games I've completed:
-Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minis March Again!
-Soul of Darkness
-Castle of Magic
-Hero of Sparta
-Legends of Exidia
-Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ
-Cave Story
All are amazing games


The only Dsiware games I have and beat are Four Swords adventure and Soul of Darkness.

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More games I've completed are:
-Chronos Twins (finished Story Mode and this is the only thing in the game so: COMPLETE.)
-Zenonia (finished Story Mode and this is the only thing in the game so: COMPLETE.)


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