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Hi everyone.

I was checking out the games to be released on DSiWare, and I was actually pretty surprised to find a bunch of iPhone ports. It seemed pretty difficult to me to do this kind of ports because of the size limitations...
So, I wonder, does anyone knows the size-limit for a DSiWare game ? I couldn't find this information anywhere...

I'm sorry if this question has already been asked ^^

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I remembered seeing somewhere that it was 40mb... I'll look for the source.

Edit: Here's the only place I've seen it mentioned:

"NL: Have you encountered any significant limitations in developing for DSiWare as opposed to a full-fledged retail release? Are you still working with a 40MB download limit, or less?

MB: The file size hasn’t presented any problems for us, and the game is very small. We’ve got the benefit of small sprites, and pretty simple presentation. It’s giving us room for some really high quality audio and full color cut scenes. Since we’ve been doing this back on GB monochrome, this still seems like plenty of space to work with. So no complaints here!"

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Ok, I see. I assume that the 40 MB references to the size-limit of WiiWare, since WayForward was developing LIT.

Thank you, though ^^

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At the moment, my biggest game is 124 blocks (Real Football 2009), which is equivalent to around 15.5 MB.

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Some Other Block Counts:

Internet Browser - 96 blocks
AQUIA - 91 blocks
Brain Age Express: Math - 71 blocks
WarioWare: Snapped! - 64 blocks
Paper Plane - 12 blocks (!)

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well i think sence you can now save stuff to an SD card i believe that developers can now have more freedom to make bigger and better games

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I'm pretty sure you can't load games off of an SD card with the DSi, though... or at least i haven't figured it out yet lol. you'd still be playing the juggling game with your files eventually, like with the Wii pre-system-4.0-update.

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15.5 MB, huh ?

Now, that's interesting because a few great cartridge-retailed DS games are 8 or 16 MB. The first one I think about is Bangai-O Spirits, which is a really enjoyable shooter IMO (and moreover wasn't retailed at full price in France which is, let's face it, pretty rare... ^^')

So, DSiWare really seems to have potential if you can easily fit quality games like these.



I'm already left with just 465 blocks remaining (out of approx 1000), which isn't so good. I'm sure that for everyone with an SD card, this isn't gonna be so bad, but the transferring could be quicker.
So far though, I've downloaded everything here in the UK apart from Mixed Messages, so that could be one reason why...

Anyways, here's the list of all the block counts I have...

  • Pyoro - 12
  • Real Football 2009 - 124
  • WarioWare: Snapped! - 77
  • Art Style CODE - 99
  • Nintendo DSi Browser - 91
  • Paper Plane - 12
  • Art Style Aquite - 92
  • A Little Bit Of... Dr. Mario - 32
  • A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Funny Face - 25

The problem never dawned on my until now - but Nintendo really should have put some more memory in the system - even if it was just double what it is now. Surely with the DSi's price, they could have at least put a little bit more memory in. Here's hoping for a play-from-SD function in future!

Oh, and a quick note to those without SD cards - deleting a game from your system and redownloading it at a later date will cause all your records for that game to be deleted, so I advise you copy the game onto a memory card beforehand, since they don't cost much anyway.

It's Wiiloveit, not WiiLoveIt. So there. Wanna play online? E-mail me: billy at wiiloveit dot com
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