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First of all, i have A LOT of dsiware titles, some of which were awful, some of which were Awsome!

Here are my favorites of the paid ones ive gotten. (alot of which are popular among other people)

AlphaBounce --- This game is very fun, its like Breakout but with a Very awsome RPG element added to it! youll find yourself playing this for hours on end. (its like an infinite version of which costs money to move. this one you only pay for once, and it lasts forever!)

Anonymous Notes Series--- This game isn't very good, it is really difficult to heal, so if your thinking about getting this, just buy the retail version, which is A LOT easier and has alot more in it, and its only like $5-$10 at gamestop/eb games or whatever/

Asphalt 4 : Elite Racing --- This is the only worthwhile racing game on dsiware. it has 28 vehicles, and several tracks, which is bigger than any other racing game on dsiware at the time of this post. (08/06/11)

Aura-Aura Climber --- I Haven't tried this yet, but it got very high ratings.

The Battle of the Giants Series : These have some good features to it, and looks very detailed and fun. (I've only tried the Dragons one though.)

Cave Story --- I've Barley gotten into this, but it is one of the highest rated games on Dsiware.

Crystal Monsters --- I haven't Tried this yet, but it is highly Rated by some people.

Dracula : Undead Awakening --- i don't know about any of you, but this game made my carpel tunnel get MUCH worse. like i said, i don't know about any of you.

Farm Frenzy --- This is Decently Fun.

Go! Go! KoKoPolo! --- i have no idea what this game is yet, but it got some pretty good ratings.

Legendary Wars T-Rex Rumble --- This game is Fun, but short. very short. it says in the credits that they will make another, so i would wait until the second game in the series.

Legends of Exidia --- This game isn't bad for the first RPG on Dsiware.

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong : Minis March Again! --- This game is Very good, and got Very High Ratings. i highly Reccomend it, if you can spare 800 points.

Me and My Dogs : Friends Forever --- I really Enjoyed this game, but the story is about an Hour long AT MOST! I do NOT reccomend it at all.

Mighty Flip Champs --- This is Truly One of the Best games on dsiware.

Mighty Milky Way --- Yet Again, Truly one of the best games on DSiware

The My Farm Series --- This is Good if you have friends who have a part of the same series. Otherwise, its a Don't Buy.

Plants vs. Zombies --- One of the Best games on dsiware, partly because the PC version costs over twice as much! ($20!!)

Pop Island Paperfield --- Now, i know this isn't Pc but this is the Gayest most flowery game i have EVER seen. (Sorry if i offended you!

Shantae : Risky's Revenge --- This is a Followup to the Not-Very-well Known Shantae Advance. i have not gotten very far into it, but A LOT of people rate it as the #1 game on Dsiware. (which i do also, along with Mighty Flip Champs and Mighty Milky Way.)

Soul Of Darkness --- Its Pretty Good, its like a castlevania Rip-off, but that isn't a bad thing at all in this case.

The Lost Town : The Dust --- I Have not gotten to the end of this game, but it is very fun. and i believe it is the #4 game on Dsiware, Right Behind : Shantae : Risky's Revenge, then Mighty Milky Way, and then Mighty Flip Champs.

Viking Invasion --- The Best Tower Defence game on dsiware in my humble opinion.

Zenonia --- One of the Absolute Longest Games on dsiware. it might seem boring at first, but before you know it you'll be 20 hours in.

Dairojo --- This is a Decent Tower Defence game, its multiplayer, (competive multi, like a race to see who can get the most points.)

This has Been my list of the best games ive found on dsiware... and By the way, for the guys, in Shantae Risky's Revenge, there is a Picture of Shantae in a Bikini that you can unlock, but is pretty hard to get. (i say just google image search it.)



Heroguy293 wrote:

The Lost Town : The Dust --- I Have not gotten to the end of this game, but it is very fun. and i believe it is the #4 game on Dsiware, Right Behind : Shantae : Risky's Revenge, then Mighty Milky Way, and then Mighty Flip Champs.

How haven't you got to the end of it? It only takes one sitting to beat lol
I agree that it's a pretty fun game, but I don't believe they put quite enough effort into it to make it one of the best DSiWare games available.
It's way too short and possibly a bit too simple.


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