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GPower wrote:

i hate this game.

i like this game.

this is such an intelligent debate

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So today i more or less finished this little gem.
only have to find that strange golden plant thingy (not the waddle dee , i already got him) . I guess its in world 1 , but as of now im too lazy to go all through those repetitive sublevels of woods world again. so it will stay at 99%

Have to say at beginning of Level2, i didnt like the game that much because the levels had too many sublevels ( 14 per world ? ) really oO
But then i came to the beachy side and it got more enjoyable and holiday like
Getting gold stars in the first two levels ( woods , sand) is really tiresome and retarded ...
Honestly i think more imaginative Levels or clearer worlds and much less sublevels with repetitive passages would been a better road for this game.
I could really see a sequel for this because the gameplay and idea is great. Just the level design and repetitive levelspam were bad .....
So now im having fun with the bonus games and stuff.
And i have to admit maybe the level design was bad in mass attack, but the boss fights did measure up for it !
Boss fights were most fun ever so its actually worth getting those 187 medals Oo .... but still felt more like work than fun to get the medals ...

I got a tip for Strato patrol eos ! At first this minigame is too easy and highscore was already maxed out at about 6 millions.
But now i played this space shooter for a while and actually every new try you can create a bigger highscore.
Now i reached 25 Million points. And mostly thanks to the asteroid level. When all those chunky asteroids appear dont hide in one corner!! Believe me make a straight line with 10 kirbys and shoot the whole screen. When chunks come too close just use the star bomb. This way you get incredible points solely at that passage. Other levels give less points ...

So far have fun with all the bonus goodness

Not sure overall i would give Kirby mass attack maybe 6.5 out of 10 points

greets stereo

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Yeah, I know I am pretty late on the scene, but just recently I continued Kirby: Mass attack and I am pretty far now. I just want to share my opinion!

When I first heard about it I thought it would be a quicky! I mean: We are pretty faaaar into the DS lifespan!! Then when I heard about you controlling 10 Kirby's, I feared it would be like some of the Mario vs DK titles (you know: With the Mini Mario's). But luckily it's totally different! You control 10 Kirby's at once, with the stylus, wich is really impressive. Everything works really fine!

The artstyle is a bit different from, lets say, Mouse attack or Kirby superstar, but it is very colorful and looks awesome. Impressive music. And above all MANY cool, original ideas! For example: A swaying tower in one of the levels! Or the nifty mini-bosses (wich are arguably better then the real bosses). It's strange though that most enemies are entirely new, but it doesn't matter. Though some Kirby anime characters make a cameo, who had thunk it!

To put it very short: It looks like Nintendo has put all their last DS sweat and tears into this title, making it instantly one of the best DS titles! I guess I like Canvas curse better, but this is also really, REALLY nice! If you had your doubts, just get it (if you still can)!

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I still hate the level with the moving tree..... It gets so tense it's impossible to get that darn coin.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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One of the best games on the DS,is this.

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agreed but i got stuck on the level where the the kirbys control a tank (which is awesome, btw)



I'm at 98%, I still need 4 accomplishments (all gold stars, beating King Dedede with one Kirby, catching all bubbles that don't have bombs in stage 1 of Dedede resort, and restoring the blueprint without taking damage in stage 10 of volcano valley). And I've had this game for nearly a year!

I mostly play this nowadays for Kirby Brawlball and Strato Patrol EOS. They're great little time wasters!

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