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What do people with a DSi think of the volume control? The one thing I absolutely hate about the DS Lite is the volume control. My pinky always seems to end up on it and accidentally slide it to the max position, especially when I'm trying to use the L trigger and get a better grip. Also, I find it a bit difficult to get the exact volume I want in the first place because it doesn't allow for fine adjustments like old-school volume dials did. Are people happier with the new volume control position, and is it any easier to get the exact volume you want?

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I love it, since it also allows me to adjust the brightness at any point, although it's a shame that it's not as precise as it used to be.

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I heard some people complain about the new volume controls but in my opinion it's an improvement. The one complaint about not being able to control volume on startup – just press - during startup to mute it and everything should be fine. Not a big deal. So that one doesn't count
I always found it annoying on the DS Lite if I wanted to change to the most minimal sound setting as possible. It took me a little to adjust the slider in the right position.



I love it, too I never even come near while playing and if I come near it by mistake it's no problem, because you really have to push the buttons "hard" so you never change the volume by mistake. But I agree with Wiilove it, what sucks is, that it not very precise the steps it does are too big. But I like, that you can use them now by pushing select+ vol up or vol down so you can change the screen brightness everytime

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