Topic: Are iOS Titles on DSiWare a Bad Idea?

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You know how we're getting ports of iOS games like Cut the Rope on DSiWare? I personally think it's a bad idea. First of all, it costs more. Why pay more when you can download the better version for $.99? Which brings me to my second point: the lack of multitouch on the touchscreen can affect gameplay in certain games.

However, I guess it's good for people that don't own an iOS device. What do you guys think?

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If it can be a good game, it's a good idea .
I don't own an ios device and I don't plan to own one. I think that Glow Artisan is better in Dsi than in Ios (saw it on my friend's iphone).

I saw that a lot of people bought Cut The Rope too (there are a lot of votes for this games)

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It just depends on the game really.
I don't think Cut the Rope was the best choice as it's a game that completely focuses on the touch screen, and tends to use multitouch.

Some games on the other hand, may largely benefit from having button controls rather than touch screen controls like they're forced to use on iOS, and I believe that those are the games that would work well if ported to DSi/3DSWare.


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Some games would be good, and some wouldn't.
It all really depends on the amount of content in the original and how much the developers cut out.
Oh, and the price, too.

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