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Letting tendoboy rile you all up, huh guys?


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NintenDude97 wrote:

Okay, everyone! Stop freaking out about warranties and other stuffs.
Recently I sent my 3DS in for a screen repair. I had the Nyko Power Pak+ installed, but I took it off and put the original battery back in before I sent it in. They never said anything about the warranty, and in 2 weeks I got it back.
-If you have the PowerPak installed and need a repair, just take it off and replace the original battery and battery cover. They have no way to tell if you had the Pak+ installed or not. DO NOT TELL THEM THAT YOU HAD IT INSTALLED. If you do, they will not give you a free repair.
Hey, it worked for me!

hahaha excellent. i just hope they didnt put a note on my file
if i ever need the warranty anyway. so far, i never had to use a warranty for any kind of device or apparel i bought. call me lucky or whatever, but i always found that warranties were near useless and calculated.

take a car as an example. once you finish your warranties, problems begin to occur during the year or the next year.
its a simple way to know your product fully functional expected lifespan. once it pass it, they dont guarantee it will still work or begin to have wears or flaws.

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