Topic: StreetPass Jealousy!

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LordJumpMad wrote:

I get a streetpass from a guy from gamestop who is playing the Demo of Megaman: legends 3.
Yes, I'm opening fresh wounds, still not getting that game.

Dude... That exists?




sleepybear wrote:

astroshamu wrote:

Best place I get streetpasses is Disneyland, I go there quite often so my plazas filling up, I can get 20-30 streetpasses a day if I check it often enough, and theres a wide array of people so I have people from regions with no map and an acronym as the country I have no idea what it stands for

I go to Disneyland often to get streetpasses too ^_^ well, not only for streetpasses, but you know, it's pretty neat maybe we have passed each other!

Maybe, what's your mii's name? Mine is zack, ya we go there a lot and its nice because 1: we love amusement parks and 2: for all of the street passes I get


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