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I have encountered a strange bug with the 3DS step count; it isn't a bad bug but it is boring nevertheless.
I've made some 7000 steps today with my 3DS; a few minutes ago I opened the Activity Log to see the daily steps graph, but I discovered that my daily steps counter resetted itself. I tried to turn off and turn on again the console and then make some steps before reopening the Activity Log; this time the daily steps counter didn't reset itself, and I was able to see the daily graph with the 40 steps I have collected.

Has it happened to anyone else? Why did it happen? I love analyzing graphs and data and this didn't make me happy.

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Maybe you opened up your 3DS and checked the stats just after 12:00am, when the counter resets itself?

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No, I've opened it up at around 10pm. Even if I opened it after 12am, though, the console would still save the count in the Activity Log, I think.


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