Topic: Should i buy another 3DS XL?

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I had bought a 3ds xl before and the hinges were very loose so i took it back, now im scared to get one because of the loose hinges. HELP!!!!

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That was probably just a random manufacturing error, haven't heard any stories about faulty hinges on the XL. I say go for it, and if the hinges are loose again, just return it again. If your worried about the guys and the store thinking you're just breaking them and giving them back, just buy it from a different place.

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It happens just look who it's from, go ahead get another I doubt it'll happen again, only after of years of use and roughness,
If it does happen again just throw some crazy glue on it. :3

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you can always take it back again if the hinges bother you, so what do you have to lose?

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Do you mean the wiggle room it has every time it can click into place? It's supposed to be like that.


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