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Topic: RER Official Page Goes Live

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Game Features:
All new Resident Evil — New storyline featuring series favorite — Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and introducing BSAA member Parker Luciani
Classic survival horror gameplay returns — Explore the dark, sinister areas of the cruise ship; there's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide with evil creeping out of the shadows
Flexible touch screen functionality — Using the touch screen adds depth to puzzle solving and provides easy access to switching weapons on the fly
Use your equipment — Use the Genesis scanning equipment to analyze enemy weaknesses and hidden items that will prove crucial for the player's survival
Brand new threat — A new kind of horror is set to join the legions of Resident Evil; for the first time ever in the series, players will encounter enemies underwater, adding a unique challenge to the mix of gameplay
Alternate Aiming Perspectives — Players can choose the shooting style that suits them with the ability to alternate between first and third person views to best pin point enemies

Source: http://www.residentevil.com/revelations/index.php




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Thanks for the headsup

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