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hi everyone.
me and my girlfriend were talking last night about entering the pokemon championship.
or more to the point her entering. as she is a more strategic fighter and generally has more patience whilst training her pokemon.
her main worry is that it will be her (24) spending the day "battling very young people / children.
does anyone know if this will be the case or are their many adults on here up for doing it ?


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I went to a Pokemon tournament in my country and there wasn't a single kid in sight.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


really ? thats brilliant .
i did have an image of a room full of parents and children with the parents battling and the kids saying "can we go yet"


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I go to pokemon tournaments nationals are the biggest events of the country in uk was like 300 + masters adults




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Pokemon will be the bingo of our generation.

I hope so

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