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The 3rd installment of the series "Inazuma Eleven" is going to be released in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS this summer.
The first 2 games were released in Europe on the DS, and this game being released on the 3DS could be due to piracy.

Presentation Trailer :



I wish America release this game too, I don't want to end up getting a japan 3ds for all other Japanese game

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Yeah, but not surprising since football is all but dead in this country. Sad, as I really enjoyed the original tv series.

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Well I'm looking forward to it. Cos I live in Europe



I'm surprise the 3rd one coming out,considering the 2nd was so hard to find.

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I just wish I lived in Europe or something. I was really looking forward to this game on the DS D:
I loved Blizzard/Firestorm, it was just outstanding. But heck no, I'll never replay the whole game again ;o;



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