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So a while back i gave my old 3ds to my friend i cleared the systems data but kept the sd cards files am i still able to transfer that sd cards data on a new 3ds xl i plan to buy(it contains the ambassodor programs games) or do i just lose those games


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You will have to transfer from the original 3DS itself. You will not be able to do it from the SD card.

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@CorpseTreader, you gave that 3DS to your friend, and thus he has ownership of your prior 3DS eShop account and all your Ambassador games. any games transferred to that SD card of yours are worthless, they won't copy over to a new 3DS on their own. Unless you can get your friend to agree to a proper System Transfer once you get your new 3DS XL, you've lost those games — and if he does agree to a System Transfer, any games he's purchased since you gave the 3DS to him will be transferred to your new 3DS XL, so I hope you plan to reimburse him if he's nice enough to go through with it for you.

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Well i think he will totally be fine with a system transfer he says hes only tinkerd around with it and not bought anything thanks guys for the help really appreciate it!


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