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Reading through these forums and a few others, I noticed many people either weren't talking about the gyroscope feature, don't know how it differs from accelerometer, or just can't see any practical uses for it. I was looking at the FPS thread on here and it made me think, maybe some people don't know the full effect of how well gyroscope works, and how amazing it could be on the 3ds. So I decided to make this thread just to give everyone a few examples of how the gyroscope could work with certain types of games. At the very least, it will add more speculation to get our mouths watering for the 29th.

First person shooters:

Here are some videos of how the gyroscope could work with aiming on a first person shooter. Note the way he moves, that is just for exaggeration, there is no reason to wildly swing about like that in complete 180 degrees. (Not to bash Iphone/touch) But the benefit the 3ds will have over the iPhone/touch is that we will still have the analog slider for character movement, while using the gyroscope for aim.


Here are some examples of how a racing game with gyroscope could essentially turn your 3ds into a steering wheel. It's an interesting concept because combining the sense of depth with the feeling of motion, the 3ds could reach new levels of realism we have not been able to experience in many games.


This one is a little lackluster feature wise, but with imagination we can easily see where the gyroscope could come in handy with sports games. Imagine you are playing a golfing game, line the putter up with your analog stick, then tilt your 3ds to get a nice swing off. Or how about punting a football or going for that field goal. Punch out boxing could allow you to control your character normally, but add in a sway feature that when tilting or moving your 3DS a certain way will allow your character to dodge or sway out the way of an attack.

Well these are just a few ways the 3ds could implement it. It seems to be one of the more overlooked features after the camera and the 3d aspect of it. Hopefully developers will make great use of it, or at the very least make it so its an optional control method. Due to the accuracy of the gyroscope, you will only need to do small movements, which in theory should not hinder the 3d effect or move it out of the sweet spot.

I tried to embed the videos but it did not quite work, if someone knows how to do that feel free to let me know.

To each his own.


The 3DS will have tilt-sensors? /me didn't know that

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Yea, it has both a motion sensor and a gyro sensor.

To each his own.


Wow I hope the new mario kart takes advantage of this.



the racing aspect you mentioned does sound like it could make for some really great games.

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I have always fully understood how the gyro would work. but it did seem like a lot of people didn't get it. I immediately thought that if they ever made a CoD game for 3DS that they would integrate this as a way to play the game.

And regarding the steering wheel thing; we would have to move around pretty weird to keep the 3D effect and use the steering wheel effect with the gyro.

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Watch this. It's Steve Jobs at WWDC 2010. He shows off the accelerometer and then the gyro. Just look at what the gyro does for the game he's playing. Ignore anything about APIs or CoreMotion, they're stuff for iOS developers. If any of it goes over your head, keep in mind that he was speaking to a group of developers. Skip to 47:00, the segment ends at 50:54.

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