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Has there been ANY info on the limits and restrictions of what and how much can be transferred?

The closest thing to good news I found is that WayForward is confident that Shantae will be transferable.

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As I've only bought a few old items (due to the DSi shop being woefully slow,) I fully expect hardly any of them to be transferable. Hopefully, it won't be too many that can't be transferred.

However, I've bought crazy amounts for the Wii, so if such a system ever exists for its replacement I certainly do hope it won't be many that can't be transferred!!

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There's something in the user manual stating there can only be 40 DSiWare games on the 3DS's system memory at any one time. Not sure if that's a transfer limit, but you never know.

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There has been no official word yet, rayword45, and there likely will not be any until the update is finally released. As soon as NL knows something, though, i'm sure we'll run an article letting everyone else know :3

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