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I've drempt of playing the 3DS at e3, sadly.....Everbody was blown away by the 3D iteself and I couldn't see it. To top things off I was playing Clockwork Knight 3D.



Kid_A wrote:

Well it happened. I had a dream about the 3DS last night. It was so glorious. I went to the store, picked it up along with Pilot Wings. Got home and...woke up.


Least you GOT home. For some reason, I arrived at the store by myself, and then suddenly, I'm with my dad doing errands and desperate to play my 3DS before I woke up. But no, it switched to a bizarre obstacle course that started with Pokemon Jirachi Wishmaker-like opening and reference, with a 'theme park' at the end with Jellyfish in large tanks that for some reason, I remembered in my dream replaced 'Metroids'. A reference to 'Retro Studios' and Universal Studios was there too, with people protesting or something in a large city where I can see a tall building with 'Retro Studios' in the evening (sky was really dark blue).

I get that sometimes: Dream Hopping. Least the theme park gave me an idea for a setting.

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One of my weirdest quirks is that I seem to drift-off into a trance while I'm awake, nearly always at will, and live a small moment of my own life at the exact same time in another version of Earth. It's really weird, like my consciousness slips into the other me - I even feel what he feels! I figure my powerful imagination, coupled with a strong desire to visit alternate realities in which I happen to exist, must allow me to view the world from the other me's eyes, hear from the other me's ears, even experience games which don't exist in this universe! I actually got to play the unreleased Zelda Oracle game up until the first dungeon before snapping back into reality.
In it, you use objects called the 'Bells of Hours' in order to shift the world between morning, afternoon and night. You can only enter the first dungeon in the morning, and since the big baddie has bathed the land in perpetual night you need the bell which changes night into morning. I guess Capcom figured that a third time-based game was better than using a colour-changing system.

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Well, i dreamt of it last year shortly after it was announced.

It was on a waltmart-like store and it was playing a demo of Wind Waker!

It became a nightmare when i couldn't see the 3D at all.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Woo, another dream. Was playing Spirit Tracks on it, and for some reason it was very blurry. Also it said you could play it with the 3D turned on, but I never did so for whatever reason. xD


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