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So... After losing my 3DS XL that I got in August from on a bus a week and a half ago, I got a new red 3DS XL Pokémon XY edition (quite a long name, eh?) , and I opened it, only to discover that the D-Pad is a slightly loose and is noisy. We're not talking "about-to-fall-out-place" loose, just a little. It even works fine. Thing is, the vanilla red 3DS XL I used to own had a really sturdy D-Pad.

After looking for some information on the net, I found out that it's fairly common for 3DS XLs that came out in the last year to have a little loose D-Pad, and it's not really a problem. Considering the fact that I got my previous 3DS XL from Amazon, it may have been a model from 2012, and considering the fact Pokémon XY came out only in October...

But still, I want to be sure. Can anyone confirm this thing about loose D-Pads in 2013 3DS XLs? Especially in the XY Special Edition ones.

(It's very much like the D-Pad in this video: )

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My D-Pad is like that on my 3DS and Wii U, nothing to worry about

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