• News Pier Solar HD Now Targeting Release in March 2014

    Lengthy update outlines positive reaction to visuals at Indiecade

    Pier Solar HD, an enhanced re-release of WaterMelon's Mega Drive / Genesis title released in 2010, is certainly on the radar of various members of the Nintendo Life team. It promises a rather traditional piece of RPG gaming, but will come with a HD sheen on the Wii U eShop. This HD...






  • News Pier Solar Kickstarter Campaign Successful, Wii U Port Added As New Stretch Goal

    $200,000 is the figure required

    Indie developer WaterMelon, creators of the recent Pier Solar and the Great Architects for the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis in the US), recently launched a Kickstarter campaign with the aim being to create a HD edition for Xbox 360, PC, Mac and Dreamcast. The target was set at $139,000 and it didn’t take long for the...

  • Feature Hands-On With 16-bit RPG Pier Solar

    We check out the Mega Drive epic which could be making its way to Wii U soon

    WaterMelon's 16-bit RPG Pier Solar is proof that old gaming hardware can enjoy a fresh existence years or even decades after its original production lifespan. What began as a homebrew project in 2004 has turned into a indie gaming success story; Pier Solar has had multiple...

  • News Mega Drive RPG Classic Pier Solar Could Be Headed To Wii U

    Kickstarter campaign for HD version at 50% after just 3 days

    Back in 2010, indie developer WaterMelon created an all-new RPG for the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis to US readers) called Pier Solar and the Great Architects. An incredible achievement in itself, the game soon found a cult audience thanks to its gorgeous 2D visuals and gripping story line,...