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  • Guide Where To Find All The Upgrades In Metroid: Samus Returns

    Upgrade path

    Like any Metroid game before it, Metroid: Samus Returns is full of secrets, passages and loot for the famous bounty hunter to find. Your progression through the game is tied to finding these items as you'll invariably encounter doors, passageways and environmental hazard that necessitate the locating of these gadgets.  To...



  • Guide Getting To Grips With EV Training In Pokémon Sun And Moon

    Worth the effort

    Next week is the 2016 European International Championships at the ExCel in London, and many people are still getting to grips with the new system for training and even the new Pokémon in Sun and Moon. While Individual Values haven't changed much - beyond Hyper Training, anyway - how you get Effort Values has altered from Pokémon...

  • Guide Getting Started In Pokémon Sun and Moon

    Become the best trainer in Alola with these handy tips and tricks

    Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, two of the most anticipated games of this year, are finally here. Our reviewer praised the game highly for its new mechanics and its strengthening of Pokémon fundamentals. However, if you've just gotten the game, you might be a bit confused about...

  • Guide The Top Nintendo Black Friday 2016 Deals in the US

    Grab yourself a bargain!

    It's that time, once again, when shoppers around the world prepare to brave the crowds in search of bargains. The Black Friday festivities are mostly based in crowded stores, though plenty of deals can also be hunted down online. For gamers, it's often a time of year for stocking up on goodies ahead of the festive season;...

  • Guide The Top Nintendo Black Friday 2016 Deals in the UK

    Grab yourself a bargain

    It's that time, once again, for Black Friday, when shoppers around the world prepare to brave the crowds in search of bargains. Though originally an American tradition, like Big Macs and over-sized soft drinks it's been exported around the world, for better and worse. A lot of UK bricks-and-mortar stores try and avoid the...






  • Guide Which Nintendo 3DS or 2DS System Should I Buy?

    There's life in the old dog yet

    Though we have a new generation of Nintendo hardware set to be revealed this year, there's life yet in the current generation. With the 3DS family of systems celebrating its fifth year anniversary in the West, it's worth taking the time to consider how much it still has to offer. With the range of portables...



  • Feature A Nintendo Fan's Guide to E3 2015

    Plenty to see

    The madness is on the way, with Los Angeles all set to host hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees for E3 2015. While technically an expo like any other, it has become far more than that for game companies and their fans. It's a major centrepiece of any gaming year, and an opportunity for major publishers and developers to...







  • Guide New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know So Far

    The nitty-gritty around Nintendo's new hardware

    Unless you spent the latter part of the week completely isolated from the world, you'll be aware that Nintendo unveiled new 3DS hardware, which will be rather simply called the New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS LL, the latter of which is the XL in the West. We've endeavoured to provide plenty...


  • Guide Forming Your Own StreetPass Meet-Up Group

    Make the most of your 3DS

    Just recently we brought you an interview with StreetPass Liverpool's Anthony Boyd, to learn a little more about how these events and groups come together to share a passion for 3DS. Now we have a guide from James Parker, who created and runs the StreetPass Metro Detroit group along with other keen gamers. Shortly after...

  • Guide The Biggest Wii U and 3DS Retail Games Coming In 2014

    With apologies to your wallet

    We're rapidly approaching the second half of 2014, and before this year's E3 shenanigans Nintendo system owners would have been forgiven for some nerves about the volume of games on the way this year. The show did reveal a host of release dates and new titles, however, though keeping track of those coming in the near...

  • Guide Sharing The Love With The Tomodachi Life Welcome Version

    Or Move-in Code, if you're in the US

    Those of you who picked up Tomodachi Life last week will probably be aware that the game comes with two "Welcome Version" editions (known as "Move-In" in North America), which can be shared with your friends so they can get a small taster of Nintendo's quirky and addictive life simulation. The Welcome Version...

  • Guide How To Import Miis Into Tomodachi Life Like A Pro

    Not all Miis are created equal, so check out this handy guide

    With Tomodachi Life's release nearly upon, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some insight into what is perhaps one of the most important elements of the entire game: populating it with Mii characters so that they can come alive and get up to all kinds of mischief within the...


  • Guide How to Become a Pokémon Battle Tournament Master

    With tips from the champs

    Last weekend we were lucky enough to spend the day watching nail-biting Pokémon battles and chowing down on innumerable amounts of pizza with comedian Johnny Vegas at the UK Pokémon X & Y Battle Tournament 2014 Grand Final. At the end of a long day of battling the winners of the four categories were decided, with...

  • Guide Getting Into The Swing Of Mario Golf: World Tour

    An excellent approach

    Mario Golf: World Tour has arrived on 3DS, and if it's not on your current wishlist you should perhaps reconsider. It takes the basics of golf and smothers them in Super Mario charm, with a careful blend of solid mechanics and typical Mushroom Kingdom zaniness. Whether an inexperienced player or a skilled gamer, it accommodates...


  • Guide Building the Perfect Team in Pokémon X & Y

    Serebii's Joe Merrick helps you get prepared for tournaments

    "Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favourites." In the past few months, we have dealt with the core mechanics of Pokémon, from EV training to IV breeding, and now comes the most unique part...


  • Guide Using Nintendo Network ID On Your 3DS

    What to expect when the service hits the 3DS soon

    It was recently revealed that the Nintendo Network ID system is coming to the 3DS — and not before time. As well as opening up the likes of Miiverse to portable players, the new system will finally allow you to share your eShop credit balance between your Wii U and 3DS. If you own a Wii U then...


  • Guide How To Capture Video And Screenshots From Your 3DS

    Turn your handheld into a multimedia star

    As the next generation of home consoles looms over us, the topic of video sharing is becoming ever more important. Both the PS4 and Xbox One will offer the ability to record and upload your gaming performances so others can appraise them online, which will surely lead to an explosion of self-made clips on...


  • News How to Transfer Your Data from 3DS to 3DS XL

    Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Nintendo UK's put together a very useful video explaining how to transfer everything from your 3DS to a 3DS XL console. Remember that you'll need both your 3DS and 3DS XL consoles and an internet connection in order to make the transfer, so if you're planning on trading in to upgrade consider these things first. Still not sold on...


  • Guide Nintendo 3DS System Update v. 4.0.0-7

    What's new?

    As you probably already know, the latest 3DS system update is available, bringing your machine up to version 4.0.0-7. We've put together a list of what's new in this update. If you find anything we haven't covered, post it in the comments below and we'll update this guide. Ability to add folders Probably the biggest new feature, this...


  • Guide Nintendo 3DS eShop Demos

    Get your information here!

    Today sees the much-anticipated downloadable demos hit the 3DS eShop, so we've put together a very handy guide to help you get the most from your free demo experience. What Demos Are Available?: New demos will be announced throughout the year but here are the ones we know about so far: 19th January 2012 Resident Evil...


  • Guide Nintendo 3DS System Update

    All the information you need

    So you've got the 3DS system update and want to know exactly what's new? We've got you covered. Here you'll find a regularly updated account of how to get the most from your system's new features. If you have any questions, use the Contact form and we'll do our best to address them. Page 1: 3D Video RecordingPage 2:

  • Guide Mario Kart 7 Top Tips

    Be magnificent in MK7

    By now you'll probably have pumped a stack of hours into Mario Kart 7, but if you're still finding yourself more loser than leader we've got Mario Kart medallist James Newton to put together a few short tips to help you shave seconds off your performances. If you want to put your new skills to the test, check out our Mario...



  • Guides 3DS eShop Update FAQ

    Everything you need to know about the 3DS eShop, internet browser and DSi transfer functionality

    For those who bought their 3DS on launch day there was some disappointment. The eShop, internet browser and the ability to transfer DSiWare games and data were unavailable, promised in a ‘late May’ update. The update slid to early June, but it's...


  • Guides Using QR Codes on Your Nintendo 3DS

    Sharing Miis is fun and easy

    Easily one of the more popular features of the Wii console was the ability to create personalised avatars called Mii characters. Nintendo has brought this unique feature over to the 3DS, with a host of new features that make creating and sharing them not only much easier, but more fun as well. We know that many of you...

  • Features Nintendo 3DS Launch Game Buyer's Guide

    Every game reviewed, rated and ranked

    So you've got yourself a spanking new 3DS console, but which of the currently available games is worth your money and which should you avoid? If you're lost in a sea of three-dimensional decisions, fear not: our 3DS reviews are here to help you make the right choice. We have in-depth reviews of ALL 18 3DS games...