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  • News Picross e9 Brings Its Puzzling Gameplay To 3DS Next Month

    e9 + S2 = lots of puzzles

    Jupiter has announced today that Picross e9 is gearing up for release on Nintendo 3DS. The game is launching in Japan on 8th August with other regions expected to follow shortly after. The news comes just days after the reveal of Picross S2, the second Switch instalment of the franchise which will be hitting the eShop this...

  • News Nintendo Has Sold 19.67 Million Switch Consoles To Date

    With 86.93 million units of software

    Nintendo has announced its financial results for the first quarter of the current fiscal year, which covers the period from April through to June 2018. In the report, the company has given sales-to-date figures for its current hardware, as well as data specific to the quarter. As you might imagine, Switch is...

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    Review WarioWare Gold

    The golden touch

    After five years, a new WarioWare is finally upon us. Well, mostly new, anyway. Warioware Gold is a mashup of some of the best microgames the series has had to offer, along with a few new ones. Most 'best of' collections include a creator's hits; those tracks you can't help but play over and over, despite knowing every single...