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    Though they've had a hand in games as diverse as Yoshi's New Island and Time and Eternity, the name 'imageepoch' will forever be linked with Luminous Arc, the studio's successful strategy RPG series that debuted on the DS back in 2007. As a spiritual successor to those titles, as well as imageepoch's last release following their bankruptcy...

  • Video Get a Closer Look at the Lovely Stella Glow Launch Edition

    ...and warm up the iron

    Stella Glow is just a week away in North America, the latest exciting RPG release to be localised and released with some style by Atlus - originally developed by Imageepoch, this one puts music at the core of a wider adventure. With its release so close and plenty of 3DS owners likely to have taken the demo for a spin, Atlus...

  • Video Get Into The Rhythm With the Stella Glow Opening Movie

    Ahead of a Holiday release in North America

    Stella Glow, the upcoming RPG for 3DS, is ultimately a swansong for Imageepoch. While that's a slightly sad circumstance, it's another title - being published by Atlus in North America - to look forward to; it's due in the region this Holiday season. Atlus has now posted the localised opening movie from...

  • News Extended Stella Glow Footage Breaks Down Gameplay Structure

    Chill out with free time

    Stella Glow continues to rumble towards release, despite the peculiar - and perhaps worrying - news of developer Imageepoch's President going missing, while the company's website continues to be down. Reports of the offices being up for rent, the phone line being disconnected and staff leaving all suggest that their are...