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  • News Behold, It's the Pikachu Snapchat Lens!

    Um, yay?

    Hey, you hip young things, we know you're on the interwebs to update your Facebook profile and tweet a video of you eating a burger, and you may even do whatever it is you do on Snapchat. Well, we're down with that, so here's the Pikachu Snapchat Lens for Snapchatting - get it now (in Snapchat, yeah?)! It's totes amazing right?...

  • News Nintendo Of America Joins Snapchat And Periscope In Time For E3 2015

    Slow and steady

    Even after the launch of its very own service – Miiverse – for Wii U & 3DS, Nintendo is still warming to the concept of social media at a rather slow pace. Facebook and Twitter have proven the house of Mario is to some extent willing to connect with its fan base while at the same time provide updates, announcements and...