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  • News 3DS Shopping Channel Details and First Video Emerge

    Demos and better organisation inside

    We got our first glimpse of the 3DS's Shop Channel today courtesy of a Nintendo investors' meeting, and it looks like it'll offer a far better experience than its predecessors on DSi and Wii. Satoru Iwata explained the new shopfront as a cross between the Wii Shop Channel and the Nintendo Channel, combining...

  • News NA Wii Shop Channel Updated

    Recommended titles now have categories

    If you live in North America and have been to the Wii Shop channel over the past couple of days, you may have noticed a couple of arrows pointing to the left and right on the opening page before you "start shopping". Whatever could they mean? A simple press of Left and Right buttons on your Wii Remote's D-Pad will slide the screen across, showing..

  • News Quick! Super Mario The Lost Levels Almost Lost

    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, originally released on the Famicon and then again on the Virtual Console last month, will be deleted off the VC list in just over an hour.

    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is the original sequel to Super Mario Bros. and was only released in Japan. The game was very difficult and for this reason it wasn't released elsewhere. instead a similar but much easier and..

  • News Nintendo Stars = Wii Points?

    Website slip up reveals Nintendo Europe set to allow users to exchange "Stars" for Wii Points could be available very soon!

    Spotted last week by one of our loyal members, the Nintendo Europe "Stars Catalogue" had an interesting item up for grabs, 1000 Wii Points in exchange for 789 stars! Alas, this deal turned out too good to be true. However, the following email suggests that the feature might be..