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  • Video L.A. Noire for Nintendo Switch Gets a Smart New Trailer

    You use the touchscreen, ya see?

    For those of us that already own L.A. Noire on PC / PS3 / Xbox 360, it's tough to justify buying it again for the Nintendo Switch. Then you see Rockstar's new Switch trailer and realise how cool it is to have the game on a portable device, and suddenly it's time to check the bank balance. Assuming these are real...

  • Rumour Grand Theft Auto V Coming To Wii U

    Got Your Pinch Of Salt Ready?

    Retailer listings for unreleased games should never really be taken at face value - they're prone to mistakes and errors, and have led to many red faces in the past. However, there's sometimes an element of truth in them as well, and we imagine that many people are crossing their fingers that this is the case with...