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  • Review Robonauts (Switch eShop)

    Blast weird alien creatures into oblivion

    In 1996 NASA started work on the “Robonaut” project. It was designed to resemble a human and created to aid astronauts in space – with the ability to perform the same tasks as a person. According to NASA, a Robonaut can help out on the International Space Station and explore other worlds. Robonauts by...

  • News Robonauts Lands on the Switch eShop This Week

    WALL-E 2.0

    QubicGames has uploaded a new cinematic trailer for the action-shooter Robonauts, whilst also confirming its release date. After previously announcing that the game would be ported to the Switch back in August, the company has now revealed that Robonauts will be available from the Switch eShop on 15th September.  Featuring music by...

  • News Robonauts is Blasting Its Way Onto the Switch eShop

    Let's take a look, shall we?

    The European eShop has a nice routine of dropping in new game pages on a regular basis to show more titles that are on the way, and this week a number were added. In most cases they're games we're already covered, but one is new and worth picking up - Robonauts by QubicGames. QubicGames has some experience...