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  • News Nintendo Spain Secures Win Over R4 Card Retailer

    Better late than never

    While Nintendo has, for the most part, successfully held off the mass proliferation of pirated software on 3DS and Wii U, it was a major issue for the DS, in particular. R4 cards, regardless of their potentially innocent use, were largely sold and utilised to download and play ROMS of DS games for free, and for a time they...

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  • News Nintendo Wins Another Court Battle with R4 Cartridge Manufacturers

    Nintendo and others to be paid nearly $1 million in damages

    The DS family of systems has long since been replaced by the 3DS, but almost as an ironic tribute to the slowly grinding gears of legal systems, Nintendo and around fifty other companies have just been awarded nearly $1 million in damages; this will be paid by two R4 device sellers based in...

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  • News High Court Outlaws Flash Carts in UK

    Piracy? But that's not all they R4!

    The R4 flash cart has been the bane of Nintendo's handheld existence for years now, with the device widely being used to play illegally downloaded DS ROMs. Rampant piracy has made it especially difficult for third-party developers to reach projected sales marks, and is also the reason non-Japanese-speaking gamers...