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  • News Oxenfree Gets A Surprise Sequel, Coming This Year

    This one is Oxentwo, the next one is Oxenthree

    We weren't blown away by Nintendo's long-awaited Direct back in February, but it turns out that they were keeping a lot of their Hot News under their hat for today's Indie World presentation instead. One of the biggest surprises - and we know it was a surprise, because they kept it until the very end...

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    Under The Skin

    Oxenfree is one of gaming’s greatest ghost stories. Granted, they’re a rare breed, the genuinely spooky video game, experiences that aren’t so much played as permitted to crawl across your skin, cooling the blood and yet quickening its flow. But Californian indie studio Night School’s debut production, originally released in...

  • News Oxenfree Comes to the North American eShop on 6th October

    A perfect warm up for Halloween

    An interesting experiment in the realm of storytelling in games, Oxenfree was a notable indie release of last year; chronicling the story of a young group of adventurers that find themselves unravelling the ghostly secrets of a deserted island. It was rather well received when it debuted on other platforms, and it...

  • News Oxenfree Tunes Into The Nintendo Switch Later This Year

    2016 indie title is coming to the eShop this October

    Night School Studio is bringing its spooky adventure title Oxenfree to the Switch eShop, it has been revealed. Originally released on PS4, Xbox One and Steam in 2016, Oxenfree casts the player as Alex, who travels with her stepbrother Jonas to an abandoned military island packed with hidden...